Green Deal Renting and Sharing

How to simplify renting and sharing equipment

The Living Lab Green Deal Renting and Sharing explores how renting and sharing materials can be simplified to reduce our material footprint. At the same time, the partners want to take this to the core by opting for ecodesign and materials with a long lifespan and focusing on maintenance, repair and reuse.

Many products in our economy we use only temporarily or occasionally. By renting or sharing them, we create the opportunity to drastically reduce our material footprint with an equal quality of life. At the same time, it creates the potential to create economic and circular value. That potential is currently underused because rental and sharing companies do not attract enough users. Moreover, a process of servitisation and digitalisation is needed to make renting and sharing possible.

This living lab aims to strengthen the rental and sharing sector and pull it further to the core of the circular economy by opting for eco-design, high-quality materials with a long lifespan, combination with services for maintenance and repair (product-service system), reuse and high-quality recycling at end-of-life. Through the Green Deal Renting and Sharing, the partners aim to connect providers of renting and sharing services. This can be a huge lever for entrepreneurship, more efficient use of materials in a circular economy, local employment and greater sustainability.

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Partners VITO, Strategies and Leaders, MaDe, Switchrs, UGent