From grass clippings to potting soil

A new destination for grass clippings from verges and lawns

Grass clippings (from verges and lawns) are currently processed by composting. This is a cost to society borne by the local authorities, and therefore the taxpayer. Our project aims to demonstrate an innovative circular model in which grass clippings are processed into fibres that can be mixed in potting soil. This avoids the use of peat, which is a non-renewable raw material. Partners cooperate on each step in the circular chain. The City of Ghent and ILvA make grass clippings available to Herbalis. That company processes them into fibres using innovative technology. These fibres go to Agaris, a Flemish company and one of the most prominent players in the European potting soil market. These potting soils are displayed by the City of Ghent in flower boxes in the city centre.

Finally, we hope to set up a sustainable and future-proof alternative for processing grass clippings.

Releaf (voormalig Herbalis)

Partners Agaris Belgium