Froep provides fresh soup and tasty fruit snacks for pre-school and primary school children.

Froep stands for 'fruit and soup' at school and is an initiative of HOST vzw. HOST uses residual streams from BelOrta, Belgium's largest fruit and vegetable auction, as healthy snacks and soup for children in kindergarten and primary school. Every day, Froep goes to the schools and takes care of the distribution tailored to the needs of the children and the teaching team.

BelOrta is the largest fruit and vegetable auction in the country. That also means that the residual flows are considerable. HOST vzw gets to work on this and uses those residual flows as healthy snacks for nursery and primary schools. The fresh soup and fruit snacks are processed, packaged and distributed as sustainably as possible.

Thanks to extra support, children living in poverty can also have access to healthy snacks without their parents having to pay extra. The logistics and organisation are fully taken care of by Froep, so that the school team does not have to do any extra work.

The city of Borgloon provides a soup kitchen and funding for six kindergartens. The Limburg provincial government financed the kitchen and for implementation and coordination HOST can count on the support of IN-Z vzw.

HOST vzw

Partners BelOrta, Stad Borgloon, IN-Z vzw