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With the support of Footstep, Verimpex gives old entrance mats a second life. The mats are made of recycled materials and are taken back at the end of their life. Footstep repairs what is possible, and recycles the parts where repair is not possible.

For 30 years, Verimpex has been making and selling entrance mats made of recycled materials. The company opts for raw materials that have a long life, such as the rubber from aircraft tyres. Thanks to a collaboration with Footstep, the old, worn-out foot mats get a second, third or even fourth life.

Footstep is a custom-made company in Bruges that aims to employ people with a distance to the regular labour market. In addition, they are now focusing on circular projects. Since 2013, the company has been working together with Verimpex, an expert in entrance mats.

Thanks to this cooperation, the companies developed new techniques that allow them to sort the parts of old footmats and then use them as raw material for a new mat. This means that the used mats are stripped of screws, aluminium profiles and rubber. Only the worn parts are replaced.

Because the companies are close to each other, transport, and thus CO2 emissions, are kept to a minimum. Together, Verimpex and Footstep build a circular story, while maintaining a clear division of roles: Footstep takes care of the dismantling, so that Verimpex can continue to focus on its core business.