Reuse of industrial effluent for irrigation in agriculture

Instead of draining purified waste-water off into a ditch, the vegetable-growing company Ardo will now offer its effluent as irrigation water for the agricultural co-operative INERO CVBA, whose membership includes 47 farmers. To make this possible, water will be stored in a basin with a capacity of 150,000m³ before being distributed along 32 km of underground pipes across approximately 500 ha. A total of 143 branch points will be provided. Farmers can connect their reel at a draw-off point and immediately start irrigating. The irrigation network will be able to operate at high pressure and in different circuits. Farmers will be able to irrigate ten plots simultaneously. This will arm farmers against future droughts.

Only members of the co-operative can consumer the water. INERO CVBA will supervise appropriate water distribution and prices. The price per cubic metre will be budgeted each year in order to be cost-neutral; the income from the water supplied must cover the costs of electricity and maintenance.

F2AGRI is financed under the Interreg V Flanders-Netherlands programme, a cross-border cooperative partnership with financial support from the European Regional Development Fund. More info: www.grensregio.eu

Partners Ardo Inagro Vlakwa Inero CVBA