A circular system for façade renovations on a large scale

Building managers with a large portfolio often have residential buildings with similar characteristics. Typically, building managers have a long-term vision for its renovation, spread over decades. However, there is a need for an acceleration of the renovation rate. By looking at shared characteristics between buildings on a larger scale, the circularity of a facade renovation system can succeed. Because with contemporary used building-specific systems, the chance of reuse decreases. This research team is therefore developing a sustainable modular reusable facade system for renovation. It will allow you to rapidly renovate existing buildings in a circular manner. Because of these properties, the use can grow and approximately 80% of these residential buildings can be renovated in the short term. The system takes into account the option, if relevant, to reuse the existing windows.

The research also focuses on the possible integration of techniques such as ventilation and hydraulic circuits in the façade package. As a result, the interior space can be used more flexibly and can easily have other functions in the future.

This future-oriented system will be tested in three cases.

Bureau Bouwtechniek

Partners Universiteit Gent, Algemene Bouw Maes, De Witte Aluminiumconstructies