Erasable inks for circular packaging films

Completely reinventing the printing of packaging

A significant proportion of packaging films is printed on. Examples include the packaging films for pallets as well as the multipack packaging films for beverages. This printing significantly destroys the value of the packaging films (when recycled, the mix of colours reduces the value of the product). Attempts to ban printing seem difficult as product branding is very important for companies. Efforts have already been made to de-ink plastic packaging. However, these attempts were based on an existing situation with existing inks and printing procedures. These de-inking processes have proven to be too expensive in practice and often also disrupt the recycling process considerably. In this demonstration project, Valipac wants to pursue a different strategy with a number of partners in the materials chain. The aim is to work with an ink producer, a packaging manufacturer, a packer, a recycling company and a waste collector to come up with new printing techniques that allow de-inking in a manner that is economically feasible and not unduly burdensome.


Partners Morssinkhof-Rymoplast bv, Oerlemans Packaging bv, Suez, TOYO Ink ARETS, Wienerberger, Fost Plus vzw