Experience all the benefits of our water-soluble capsules, and help make a difference!

Ecopods are water-soluble capsules that allow you to clean powerfully, ecologically and easily.

Traditional cleaning products are often harmful to people, nature and materials. Ecopods therefore brought water-soluble capsules on the market, which make cleaning a lot safer. The cleaning products are available in the form of water-soluble capsules that you add to a bucket of water or to one of the reusable aluminum spray bottles.

Raf founded Ecopods in 2017 after noticing through his experience in the cleaning industry how polluting the classic cleaning products are. It therefore became his mission to develop a safe, ecological and effective cleaning product for household use. He marketed the new products in a water-soluble pod, to make the packaging as ecological as possible as well. He also launched an aluminum spray bottle that can be reused indefinitely and recycled.

The pods are super-concentrated, requiring minimal transport of water. This saves space and therefore reduces CO2 emissions by 92%. In addition, you save 91% waste thanks to the reusable bottle and you need 95% less space to store products.

The collection consists of a floor cleaner, all purpose cleaner, degreaser and bathroom cleaner. Each product has its own color, so you can never get it wrong. The spray bottles are also labeled with the correct color. You add the pods to a bucket of water or to the reusable spray bottle and you are ready to clean.