Researching how the construction industry can be made more easily circular through digitisation

The Living Lab Digital4CircularConstruction investigates how the bottlenecks of data exchange can be eliminated through digitalisation. By focusing on this, various aspects of circular construction can become more structured.

The current BIM/data environment can be used perfectly to facilitate aspects of circular construction such as LCA calculations, material passports and building passports in a structured way and to automate the sharing of the necessary information exchange, based on a BIM environment that includes more and more relevant data about the project. To get to that point, a number of data exchange bottlenecks need to be settled with a clear frame of reference and agreement systems. This should ultimately lead to one crucial overarching aspect throughout the chain and life cycle: the use of reliable, interoperable data and applications that make use of it and will assist stakeholders in making optimal decisions, choices and processes to realise circular construction projects.

The Digital4CircularConstruction project addresses those digital bottlenecks by establishing a clear agreement system, and applying it to a series of sample projects using some telling circular use cases. In addition, the project also visions a long-term operation by securing the agreements and experiences in reference documents and ensuring sustainable management through a new organisation "the Open Digital World", a collaboration of a series of structural construction partners including WTCB, Techlink and VCB.


Partners D-Studio, Wienerberger, NAV (Netwerk Architecten Vlaanderen), Nationale Confederatie van het Bouwbedrijf, BIM Plan, Techlink