Recycled roof covering

Derbigum creates customised, innovative and sustainable roof panels that are both energy-efficient and cost-saving, generate renewable energy and, in turn, lower the ecological footprint of the buildings they cover.

The roof coverings that are used by Derbigum are made partly by using recycled roofing. The company has made huge investments in a recycling process for old roofing that drastically reduces waste production. Derbigum recycles around 4,000 tons of bitumen each year. That is more than a quarter of the necessary raw materials.

Take-back logistics, however, remains a challenge. Derbigum works alongside scrap merchants and waste collectors to channel the waste back to their sites.

Derbigum also carries out pioneering work with Derbipure, a plant-based roof covering that is entirely free of bitumen and is made from plant oils and pine resin. It’s the first vegetable-based roofing in the world. Derbipure has a pH-neutral coating, allowing rainwater to run off into the natural environment without causing chemical contamination.