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Circular design for pipe insulation

In the insulation sector, sustainability is inherently present through the energy you can save when using insulation. As a result, there is little motivation within the sector to innovate sustainably on a product or chain level. Isoltechnics sees this differently.

The standard pipe insulation is well known: a dimensionally stable hollow cylinder with a high footprint that cannot be recycled. As a sustainable company, Isoltechnics was looking for an alternative. The company wanted to develop a new insulation product for pipes, namely an insulation mat with durable and insulating filling material, usable for any thickness and diameter. The concept is protected in a European patent.

This insulation should not only be insulating, but also fire resistant. Moreover, the 'design for disassembly' principle was taken into account in the development of this innovative insulation mat, so that all materials can be easily separated/recycled in the future. Moreover, the basic materials for the insulation mat are obtained from urban mining and/or residual flows from industrial processes.

The concept is there. Within the framework of this project, Isoltechnics and Edmire are now looking for suitable partners to set up a closed logistic chain - from extraction, through processing and production, to recycling. By experimenting with potential logistics partners, the project team wants to demonstrate the economic and ecological potential of the concept and ultimately also realize it.

D&D Isoltechnics

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