Giving a second life to tableware by applying a unique glaze layer

Making new tableware requires a large amount of raw materials and consumes a lot of energy during the baking process. And that while tableware sets are often discarded before the end of their lifespan because they are out of fashion or missing parts. Andersom and De Wolkammerij therefore give that tableware a second life by giving it a new, unique glaze.

When a tableware set goes out of fashion or is incomplete, it is replaced. At best, it gets a second life through a second-hand shop, but just as easily it disappears with the trash. Often, it is only the outer glaze that is dated, incomplete or worn, while the inner biscuit is still in good condition. 

The inside, which consists of porcelain or stoneware, can be re-glazed to create a circular version of the tableware. During that process, most of the raw materials and a significant part of the energy needed for firing can be saved.

Andersom therefore collaborates with The Cloud Chamber to give discarded tableware a new, second life by providing it with a new, unique glaze.

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