Editorial board Palindrome is building a free online platform of circular specification texts

Currently, it is not easy to find specification texts of circular materials and techniques, let alone that they are all together on one platform. So specifiers who are convinced of circular construction now often have to draw them up themselves. However, this requires time and experience that they hardly have and therefore they drop out. These are one by one missed opportunities.

With CircuBestek, editorial agency Palindroom, together with VIBE and Blieberg, wants to ensure that specification texts for circular products and solutions can be found online for free in the blink of an eye. The agency not only wants to help convinced specifiers, but also to appeal to a wide audience of construction professionals. By exploring the possibility of distributing the circular specification texts also through the more traditional channels for specification texts - such as VMSW and C3A, for example - other specifiers will also come into contact with circular construction. As a result, circular construction can gain acceptance among a wide audience of building professionals.

An expert panel of architects, manufacturers, lawyers and representatives of VMSW and C3A, will provide input on the desired approach and structure and will test out the platform. A guarantee that the platform will meet the needs of the field.
All experts with whom Palindroom will collaborate, have already won their spurs in a particular field of circular building. By working together with them, Palindrome can thus pool a great deal of expertise in order to develop the specifications, increase support for the specifications and make the platform known to them already.

By drawing up specifications that can be used in a wide variety of ways, Palindrome hopes to support the development of circular construction from its expertise as an editorial office.

Editorial office Palindrome is also strongly committed to raising awareness and communicating to architects and other building professionals. In this respect, the synergy with Circubuild and, two of Palindroom's own and much visited websites, offers interesting opportunities.

Redactiebureau Palindroom

Partners BLIEBERG A.C.E., VIBE, VMSW, C3A en Tender Expert