Bureau Bouwtechniek

Development of a circular model environment for residential projects

Circularity is still little known in the residential real estate market. It is a fast-paced sector with many stakeholders who have to make many decisions. To help circular construction break through, Bureau Bouwtechniek and Extensa Group are developing a tool for the BIM model environment, which will give all parties rapid insight into the circular opportunities of their building project.

The tool makes 'circular building' concrete from the start of a project and subsequently ensures the follow-up of all circular objectives throughout the design process. This is done using unambiguous parameters that carry circular information at the building, element and material level. At the end of the DO (Final Design) phase, the circular information is present in the model environment that provides the prospective buyers with insight into circular use and material potential. The model environment contains concrete guidelines for the realization of the circular residential building project. In addition, the tool will allow the model to be evaluated during execution into an intelligent BAMB (Building As Material Bank) that can be transferred to the buyers upon completion. 

With this innovative communication tool that addresses all stakeholders involved in a construction project, the partners hope to accelerate the transition to the circular construction economy in the real estate market.