Building campus 2.0 as a figurehead

Building campus 2.0 POM Limburg

POM Limburg is launching a new building project together with its partners. The development of a circular dynamic modular building is planned in Diepenbeek. This building will bear the name Bouwcampus 2.0 and should be a knowledge and meeting place for all the different players in the construction sector.

The building will serve as a model and inspiration for the construction sector by being the showcase for innovation, driven sustainability and flexibility. The building will be able to adapt quickly and efficiently to the spirit of the times with as little structural and technical intervention as possible. A second focus is on economical consumption of energy and materials.

In this way, networks can be built within the construction sector and sustainable and circular principles can be applied. Not only in setting up Building Campus 2.0 but also in inspiring construction contractors and building projects for the future.