Brands On - Parasols as a service

Brand On designs and manufactures ecological marketing products such as parasols and illuminated signs.

Brands On is a Belgian company that specializes in marketing products such as illuminated advertising and parasols. Their products ensure that company names are seen and recognizable. The parasols and signs are made to measure for the client and are taken care of by Brands On from design to delivery.

Brands On is committed to circular parasols. This means that clients do not have to buy a new parasol when the old one breaks down, but that Brands On provides new parts so that the amount of waste is limited as much as possible. This way, companies that change their logo do not have to buy a completely new parasol, but can order a new cloth which saves them a lot of money.

By using high quality materials and durable parts, Brands On products have a long life span. For this sustainability management, the company even received the Ecovadis Gold Certificate. Furthermore, Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the values that Brands On strives for. This means that in the various production sites, the environment, ethical behavior and sustainable procurement are central.

How does that look concretely? Working at Brands On should be fun, pleasant and positive. Both for employer and employee, and for all partners. Furthermore, the company has a zero tolerance for child labor in all production centers around the world. Ecologically, Brands On strives to make only durable products, whose life span is extended thanks to the maintenance service. Finally, the company also invests in long-term relationships with all partners.