BMA Ergonomics

Reusable modular office chairs

BMA Ergonomics sells ergonomic office chairs to companies and individuals. The chairs are built in a modular manner; this means they can be easily cleaned and repaired, or reupholstered. Meaning they last much longer. BMA offers a recovery premium for each discarded Axia® chair and reuses the chairs, or parts thereof.

Source and more info: OVAM

In general, office chairs are discarded after ten years. But that's lamentable, as many components can be used far longer. Axia® office chairs from BMA are made of pure, healthy materials that are 99% recyclable. They are constructed so that they can be easily renovated and repaired.

The take-back premium enables BMA to recover every scrapped Axia® chair. In return, the customer receives compensation or a returns bonus. Chairs in good condition are cleaned and resold as a ‘second-life chair’. If they cannot be reused, the chair is dismantled and its parts are used again in other chairs, or recycled.

BMA also offers maintenance contracts or contracts, whereby customers pay only for the seating capacity, rather than buying the actual chair. BMA requires a deposit for the metal 'skeleton’ and the upholstery is hired on a monthly basis. If there's a problem with the chairs, BMA resolves it. Chairs are examined annually. The company, therefore, takes this worry off the customers’ hands.

Photo: BMA Ergonomics