Beneens Bouw en Interieur develops user-friendly, digital as-built file

With BIM-Integrum, Beneens wants to set up a system that displays all the materials used in a building in the right quantity and in the right position. By developing a system for this and linking it to the BIM model, Beneens generates a platform that can display the as-built file, the post-intervention file, the maintenance guidelines and the potential for urban mining in one convenient, user-friendly view.

As-built files - even if there are any - are nowadays a mishmash of various suppliers, technical datasheets and classifiers in which one gets lost. Often unchanged during execution and therefore not always up to date. Missing maintenance guidelines, for example, are more the rule than the exception. Buyers of an 'old' building today often have no knowledge of the elements present, nor of the building elements that can be reused after demolition or dismantling.

The solution is a digital as-built file that provides intuitive access to all information about the elements and materials used in a building.
It looks and sounds very complex, but - according to Beneens - it is not. Or at least it doesn't have to be. Therefore, the office wants to build a user-friendly user platform: BIM-Integrum.

On this platform, pre-programmed (automatically generated) measurement statements, filters and views will make it easy - even for people who are not familiar with 3D software - to browse through digital as-built files. These can be building owners, maintenance companies, technicians and renovators, but also future urban miners.
Now, all too often, buildings are simply demolished at the prospect of selling the building land. The new standard will be the addition of digital urban mining and the sale of elements and materials.

By building a workable and user-friendly tool to transform all the information from a thorough BIM model into a usable raw material depot, Beneens wants to be able to give even more used materials in buildings a new life.

Beneens Bouw & Interieur

Partners WTCB, Bouwunie, Kamp C en TEN