Bao Living

Modular utilities for apartments

Bao Living builds modular units that combine the kitchen, bathroom and utilities for an apartment. As a result, the building process is accelerated and the layout can be modified at a later date without any substantial demolition or renovation work being required.

Bao Living concentrates all utilities at a central point in the home. They are all contained within one module, the SAM. The utilities no longer need to be distributed manually through the walls and floor, around the living area. This inefficient, labour-intensive and expensive process will become a thing of the past. SAM can be installed in just a few days.

Its modular design enables customisation, depending on the needs within the home. On both technical and aesthetic levels.

Other advantages:

  • It is built at a factory. This lowers prices and reduces the risk of on-site errors.
  • All utilities are installed in a single operation. This reduces the overall build-time for the project.
  • Efficient and modular production reduces material usage and improves adaptability, reuse options and recyclability.