Ariadne Innovation

The textile and fashion industry is making more sustainable choices with Ariadne Innovation, which offers from the Ellie.Connect ecosystem, a digital platform full of community, expertise and marketing tools.

Ariadne Innovation is a startup of Julie Lietaer and Florence Lootens, with whom they want to inform, inspire and connect the textile and fashion industry to make it more sustainable. For this purpose they developed Ellie, a digital assistant for all questions on sustainability in the textile & fashion sector. Via the online platform Ellie.Connect, Ellie brings designers and manufacturers in contact with each other. Through the online platform, they are given the space to work out projects and to share expertise.

The textile industry is one of the most polluting sectors in the world. Liters of water are used for raw materials, dyeing is still largely done with chemicals and at the end of their lifespan, fabrics are often thrown away. Julie Lietaer wants to change this and therefore started the online ecosystem Ellie.Connect with solutions to make the sector more sustainable and circular. She addresses entrepreneurs in the fashion and textile industry and encourages them to make more sustainable choices.

The name Ariadne comes from Greek mythology, where Ariadne used a thread to help her lover find her way through a challenging labyrinth. In the same way, this digital platform aims to be a guide in a maze of sustainable measures that are not always easy for entrepreneurs to implement.

In addition to informing, inspiring and connecting, Ellie also helps entrepreneurs in the field of innovation with marketing. For example, Ellie.Xperify is a virtual showroom where textile companies can display and customize their sustainable products to their customers. In addition, Ellie.Boutique is a physical booth that allows manufacturers to demonstrate products in an interactive way.