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Nutrients and water from horticultural run-off water

Verhoeve Milieu & Water is a specialist in soil and water-quality care. With the project Zunurec (Purification and Nutrient Recovery), the company aims to extract nutrients from run-off water flows in horticulture, and then purify and reuse it.

Recovery involves an innovative combination of techniques. Residues from crop-protection agents are cleansed and removed by ‘Advanced Oxidation’. The nutrients that are obtained and the water are then reused in a growing system. In so doing, Zunurec analyses effects on quality and growth speed.

The project shows how nutrients and water in horticulture can be recovered and used responsibly and, in turn, how the cycle of water and nutrients can be completed in glasshouse horticulture. Various growers can use the mobile installation to recover run-off water from their storage buffers.

This project thus contributes to the circular economy and does away with the cost of disposing of water. The non-profit organisation (vzw) ‘Proefstation voor de groenteteelt’ is evaluating and validating.


Verhoeve Groep Belgium

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