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Polypropyleen Circulair

A plea for recycling and reuse of polypropylene.

Many products contain the raw material polypropylene. As a result, it ends up in residual waste and is then incinerated. The Polypropylene Circular project aims to tackle this issue.

European companies use 10.3 million tons of primary polypropylene (PP) each year in industries such as road-building, general industry and agriculture, and for the production of tools, electronics, packaging materials and much more besides. The textiles industry is also a significant user of PP; worldwide 1/3 of produced PP is used in textiles and non-wovens.

But just a tiny proportion of PP is recycled and used locally. Nevertheless, sustainable and circular PP value chains are important for Belgian industry; the existing linear PP sectors have an economic value of around 5 billion euros.

This project aims to verify whether cross-sector usage of PP waste or PP subsidiary flows from production processes are an option. Could PP carpeting, for example, be used for the production of PP pallets? The project aims to gain insights into the scope of the flows and the chemical characteristics (e.g. smelt viscosity, liquid behaviour, etc.) that are important in order to reuse PP as a raw material.

PP products must be collected, sorted and recycled more selectively. The quality of PP recycling must improve in order to make local, new and valuable products. The project also aims to inform and raise awareness among actors in PP value chains, and also discuss possible problem areas.


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