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Loop Care

Recycling disposable nappies

Used disposable nappies and other hygienic products form a huge proportion of waste from households, nurseries and care homes. This waste is currently incinerated and the energy is recovered. Ontex sees sustainability as one of its strategic cornerstones and, in the context of expanding producer responsibility, Ontex and its partner Agricon would like to conduct a feasibility study into options for recycling and development. This project is called Loop Care.

Various aspects of the value chain will be examined. Can we consider the options for recycling disposable nappies in the waste phase right from the design phase? Can we use recycled raw materials for the production of new products? Can we work with partners who apply innovative recycling techniques?

Ontex is a worldwide producer of disposable nappies for babies, incontinence materials for adults and sanitary towels, tampons and liners for the feminine-hygiene sector. The head office, two of the twenty production units and one of the three R&D centres are located in Flanders.



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