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Circular alternative to light interior walls

JuuNoo is a light, solid interior wall that is not scrapped when it's no longer required, but is dismantled and reused.

Every interior wall is temporary. No matter what type, after a certain period they are removed and replaced with new ones. The rebuilding and scrapping process has a severe ecological impact. It requires huge investments in time and resources by the principal. Reusable walls by JuuNoo can be installed three times faster than standard plasterboard panels. It is higher quality too, thanks to better acoustics and a longer life expectancy. The entire wall can be dismantled and rebuilt or sold in a different configuration.

Some properties of JuuNoo interior walls:

  • Steel frames form the basis of the JuuNoo wall concept. Frames have a fixed width and can be adjusted in height so that they will fit in any room; no need to measure and cut. No waste. Frames are installed by sliding them open and fixing.
  • Panels are installed onto the frame using Velcro® fastenings. No need for screws! This produces a superb acoustic buffer.
  • On the sides of the panels, there is a click-system that allows the walls to be slid into one another; they are then ready for painting. No need for filling or sanding.
  • Add-ons create seamless internal and external corners. Other add-ons simplify the correct placement of doors.
  • All components of the JuuNoo walls can be used many times in various configurations. This is both economically and ecologically better than a conventional wall.

JuuNoo's initial focus lay on the office market and the niche of co-working spaces. That is where the financial benefits of reuse are highest. After three reincarnations, the system is 50% cheaper than the traditional construction and scrapping process with plasterboard.

In collaboration with circular laboratory De Potterij at Mechelen, contractor Kint Construct and the city of Kortrijk will test the building system for various practical conditions. These experiments will assess the quality and circular character of the JuuNoo system. Their results will be publicised.


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