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New jeans from old

HNST stands for honest, fair. It's the name of this new brand of good quality, well-fitting jeans that are made from recycled denim.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries around; half of all Flemish clothes end up with the residual waste, and the production process uses huge amounts of water, energy and chemical (colouring) substances, and offers appalling working conditions. HNST is the name of a circular clothing brand that turns jeans collected in Flanders into recycled fibres. These recycled fibres are then blended with Tencel©, a fibre made from a waste product from wood processing, and spun into new yarns in Flanders. These yarns are turned into new denim which HNST uses to make its jeans collection. The design of this collection is also fully circular and it can be reused again as a raw material. The clothes weaving process, just like production, takes place in Europe.

The subsidised project is seeking answers to the following questions:

  • How can we alter the consumer’s perception that recycled content is inferior to virgin (i.e. new raw materials)?
  • How can we upgrade surpluses from the textile industry in relation to the ‘fibrisation’, spinning and weaving of top-quality materials?
  • How should we deal with the toxic residues that are released from recycled jeans?
  • How can we demonstrate the recycled content of the manufactured products?

Circular Textiles

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