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Fascinating recycling stories

Atopia wants to showcase the materials and products in second-hand shops and other circular partners from a different perspective, making them more attractive for (potential) consumers. The aim of these stories is to make consumers more aware of the materials and products they use, allowing them to use them in a more sustainable manner.

Communication is one of the building stones of every circular business. Sampling has shown that the players in the Flemish circular economy do not have the human resources to boost their communication. Therefore, Agoria wants to write stories and sell them at affordable prices. An example: the biography of a chair. That type of story could be included in the chair’s ‘passport’, which lists key facts, such as the ‘date of birth’ and ‘place of residence’ of the chair, i.e. when it was produced and in which recycling shop it can be found.

This project is also part of a broader vision to transform second-hand shops into true ‘circularity centres’.


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