Belgian Circular Fashionshow at WCEF

Monday 6 May 2024

As a surprise act we created a circular fashionshow with 26 Belgian fashiondesigners and 33 different looks using circular principles.



Our models are wearing circular garments by EVA MARIA. On the right you see the spunky coat and hat in metallic green made from leftover fabrics. On the left you see the pink metallic top. Both outfits are made in Belgium.


Ida & Volta

Our model is wearing an elegant black jumpsuit by Ida & Volta. The Horizonte Jumpsuit is 100% made out of thin wool. Most of the garments have been made by the duo themselves. The pieces are produced in Portugal with natural and biodegradable, recycled or upcycled materials.



Our model is wearing a purple jumpsuit with circular accessories of LIVE-TO-EXPRESS. The vintage Hibis Stud earrings are, just as all other LTE accessories, vintage earrings from the 60's to 90's that have been carefully curated by LTE. The accessories aren't pre-loved like many other vintage items. All of the LIVE-TO-EXPRESS items have never been worn. Now after all these years they might be the right finishing touch to your outfit.


Méson Brussels

The outfit our model is wearing is made by méson Brussels. The materials used are exclusively existing fabrics brought back to life by upcycling. The entire production of the garments takes place in Belgium through great partnerships with social enterprises like CiLAB collective.


HNST + Resortecs + Hackyourjeans

The pants on the model are made by HNST in collaboration with Resortecs and Hackyourjeans. The Simon drawstring pants is made out of 70% post-consumer recycled cotton. In addition Resortecs threads have been used for stitching. These threads dissolve when exposed to heat, which fastens the dissassembly process. That way, fabrics can be more easily recycled. The impact of these pants reduce 96% of the waterconsumption and 53% of CO2 emissions.


Studio AMA

The model is wearing a skirt by Studio AMA. The purple Oscar skirt is made from old shirts that have been remanufactured to stylish skirts. The production of the garments is done locally in Belgium through social enterprises, remaking waste fabrics from local textile industry. 



The shoes of our model are made by Komrads. The sneakers are made out of diverse sustainable materials. The sole is made from recycled rubber, the lining is from recycled cotton and the upper part of the shoe is made from apple leather. The sneakers are the perfect blend between sustainability, quality, comfort and design. The impact is reduced by 96% for water and 63% for CO2 emissions through innovative material use.


Marylène Madou

This colourful outfit on our model is made by Marylène Madou. The unique prints are designed by Marylène and are produced to garments in small batches. The pieces are produced locally in an atelier in Belgium.


Sander Bos + Appeal

The skirt and bag have been designed especially for the fashion show by Sander Bos with apple leather developped by UCLL in the Appeal project. The project wants to use fruit waste streams to fully bio-degradable biomaterials with multiple applications such as textiles. Sander Bos used the innovative material to create a fashionable skirt and matching purse.



The outfits on the models are by RE°invented. Anne Nagels designs the garments from pre-loved fabrics and remakes them into new outfits like the  blue and grey dusk dress and the Peony dress in yellow. The production is done fully in Belgium. 


King Comf

The outfit the model is wearing is by King Comf. They search for overstock fabrics and create stylish garments like the kimono suit fully made from waste materials.


Xandres + Studio Circulaire + CiLAB

The outfits of our models is a partnership within the Xandres Lab. The jeans jackets are locally produced in Belgium, upcycling last-season jeans trousers with a fresh design by Studo Circulaire. There have been made 80 pieces in the atelier of CiLAB collective in Mechelen.



The outfit gets a circular touch by wearing earrings by YOYA. These Verla earrings are 3D-printed in Belgium. Through local production and the possibilities of 3D-printing, YOYA only produces earrings on demand so any excess production is no longer the case.


CiLAB + Decathlon

The model is wearing an outfit designed by Abaseen from the CiLAB Collective. The outfit is completely made out of discarded tents from Decathlon. The design shows the possibilities for the upcycling of unconventional materials like campinggear. 


Café Costume

The suit of the model is by Café Costume. By creating tailor made suits they reduce overproduction.



The model is wearing two shawls by Wolvis draped over the shoulders. The two shawls, Rodebos and patched 4, are made of extra fine merino wool. The garments are made exclusively in Europe and 90% of the production takes place in Belgium. 


Be the fibre

The three bags our model is wearing are by be the fibre. They collect old clothing for reuse. Pieces that can't be reused are shred into fibers. From these fibers they create recycled yarns to create the stylish bags. The bags are fully designed in Belgium and produced in Marokko. 


Tessa Borrenberghs

The two outfits on our models are by Tessa Borrenberghs. She creates these garments with dead stock materials. The pieces are locally produced to these unique outfits.


Studio Circulaire

Studio Circulaire created these two fabulous outfits on our models. The long jeans coat and the printed trenchcoat are made from designer pieces that have been reconstructed to these fresh designs. The outfits are locally produced in Belgium.


Yuma Labs

The sunglasses in this artistic look are by Yuma Labs. They produce their sunglasses through 3D-printing. This way a lot of material can be reduced and unique designs can get created. They use recycled plastics sourced from e.g. old glasses and frames. Thus creating a full loop. 


Lies Mertens

The elegant bag on our model is by Lies Mertens. The bag is made from vegan leather created from mycelium (funghi). This material, named MycaNova, is a byproduct from the production at Citribel. The bags are made on request so no overproduction is created. 



The two layered shirts are by Wolk. The shirts are made from fine merino wool. The garments are fully produced in Europe. 


Modular knitting

The outfits on our models are designed by Leen Stoffels Knitwear. This young designer developed a modular system for knitwear. The innovative system creates a piece that can be styled multiple ways and that can be worn by people with different sizes.


RE Antwerp

The models wear outfits by RE Antwerp. They use dead stock from known fashion houses and create new eyecatching designs. Production takes place locally in Belgium and is done by talented refugees. This creates a strong circular and social story.



The model wears an outfit by Janue. Thee ecru shirt dress is styled with the reversible cape, both garments are locally produced in Belgium. In addition Janue has a made-to-measure service, creating the perfect look starting of with creating the right patterns reducing excess material waste. 


Valentine Tinchant

These unique looks by Valentine Tinchant reuse a very extraordinary material. The young designer uses resin from car windows to create these outfits. This resin is currently not recyclable which makes these garments one of little applications for this waste stream. 

Fashion: 10% of global emissions

Fashion has a very big footprint and impact on our planet. At Circular Flanders we strive to reduce this impact by promoting circular principles like ecodesign. We have many concrete actions in our Strategic Agenda Manufacturing. Want to join our mission? Join us here.

Special thanks to:

Director: Evelyn Lafond
Stylist: Marie Van Puyenbroeck
Make-up en haar: MAKE UP FOR EVER


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