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Research and expertise for the circular economy

The Circular Economy (CE) Policy Research Centre unites researchers from the KU Leuven, Ghent University, the Research Institute for Work and Society (HIVA), the University of Antwerp, and VITO. They will continue to build upon the research results from the previous SuMMa centre, which was active from 2012 to 2016. The OVAM and the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI) are financing the support CE Centre jointly.

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Wat do we do?

The Circular Economy Policy Research Centre investigates three important policy questions:

  • How can we measure the progress towards a circular economy?
  • What are the economic effects of a circular economy, and how can policy have an effect on these?
  • How could other major societal trends or transitions influence the pathway towards a circular economy?

The policy research centre has been organised as a cluster of research projects in order to answer these questions. Each of the projects has a particular perspective to better understand and shape circular economy as a system. Besides our work on theory and on finding ways to answer these general questions, we will also conduct tangible case studies.

The researchers explain

Measuring the transition

How can we measure where we are in the transition?


Employment and actor analysis

Which changes might we expect in the labour market?


Learning effects

Learning by doing in the circular economy, how can we map that?

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Modelling systems

How can we clarify the environmental impacts of activities in the circular economy?

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Market acceptance

How can businesses cope with the uncertainties of a transition?

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Financing and revenue models

How can we help consumers and businesses make the shift towards a circular economy?

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Indicators for circularity

How can we compare the extent to which products fit in a circular economy?


Short-term assignments

The policy research centre also provides room for short-term questions from policy in the context of the circular economy.

Throughout the policy research project, there is room provided to answer additional policy questions that arise following the concrete development in circulair economie. VITO is connected to the policy research centre as a partner institution in first instance to translate such policy questions into research plans and to execute the research work.

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