LaunchPad for Circular Entrepreneurs

A new organisational model for circular companies

Through the LaunchPad project, the not-for-profit organisation Happonomy VZW wants to develop a replicable model for business development, based on circular principles. In this way, we want to bolster the circular entrepreneur in terms of entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and self-awareness. This is intended to provide more planning, more self-care and more patience building a more mature organisation as regards circular solutions. This, in turn, must lead to a better business result with less pressure, better results, and employees and customers who are more satisfied.

The project consists of two components:

  1. On the one hand, there is an innovative circular company model in which we place stakeholder thinking front and centre. With this, we want to inject circular principles into the core of business creation and profit allocation.
  2. On the other hand, psychologists, value-driven business experts in business strategy, labour law and business management are developing a one-year modular organisation development path. This path is supported by advanced HR technology.

We also test everything out in practice with Roof Food, a circular start-up in Ghent.


Partners Legisquadra, Roof Food