Komrads - Sneakers made of apple leather

Komrads: from Soviet revival to sustainable sneakers

Contemporary Footwear Revolution

Komrads was started in 2015 by Greet Goegebuer and Mark Vandevelde. Their goal was to create a sustainable, authentic cult sneaker brand that is simultaneously contemporary. First, they started with the Heritage ICNS, an iconic Soviet sneaker first produced in the 1950s by the Czech Boot Company as a response to Western shoe fashion (Converse All Stars). However, the original production was discontinued in 2009, but Komrads is giving this iconic canvas sneaker a second life today. The reborn shoe is still made in Slovakia.

After the ICNS, Komrads went a step further in October 2020 and made the first circular sneaker in the collection. Komrads APL, made entirely from reused and recycled materials, was born. The APL are produced in Europe to minimize international transportation. Komrad also ensures that there are no socially unacceptable working conditions. And the company also avoids the extraction of new natural resources.

Fashion on the road to zero-impact

Komrad's APL are made exclusively from sustainable materials. The upper is ecological apple leather made from waste from the apple juice industry. The sole is 100% recycled rubber, colored with organic paint. The lining and laces are recycled cotton and PET bottles, and the removable sole is recycled carbon.

Why Circular

Greet and Mark chose a circular sneaker to make a positive impact on the future of their children and the planet. Moreover, they are in the right place to make a difference: the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries worldwide.