Kabas is a packaging-free store in Mechelen and Kapelle-op-den-Bos.

Kabas stands for packaging-free, local, organic and quality. The two stores in Mechelen and Kapelle-op-den-Bos offer food, maintenance products and consumer goods that help customers to live (more) packaging-free. Customers bring their own jars, bags and boxes to fill with products from the stores.

The Kabas stores offer an assortment of carefully selected and quality food, maintenance products and consumer goods. All products are purchased in bulk and are therefore packaging-free or have an ecologically responsible packaging. By doing so, the stores want to give consumers the opportunity to live (more) packaging-free every day. The costs that are saved by eliminating packaging can be invested in high-quality products.

Some products do have to be packaged. If that is the case, Kabas looks for environmentally friendly solutions such as circular deposit packaging or compostable paper. In addition, the products are as local and organic as possible. Regional products are always given priority and the short chain is promoted. Meat cannot be found in the stores because the impact of meat products on the atmosphere is too big.

Because making the switch to packaging-free(er) living is not always easy, customers can also come to Kabas for tips and extra explanation.

What exactly does shopping at Kabas look like?
You start by bringing your own container to the store or buy it at Kabas. Then you put the container on the scale and press the button. A label will come out of the scale showing the weight of the container. You stick the label on the container and then you fill the container with the product of your choice. So you choose how much of each product you want to take. Once that is done, you go to the checkout where you have the label scanned and the new weight calculated.