Eksel water circle

The car park of the holiday park also serves as a natural water purification installation

The waste water from 136 holiday homes will be treated in a Phytoparking® system at a new holiday park to be built in Eksel. This is an innovative natural water purification system based on aerated reed bed technology, placed under a water-permeable car park with grass-covered areas.

This creates a multifunctional place: parking and waste water purification. The quality of the Phytoparking® purification is so high that the purified waste water can be recovered as WC flushing water. We allow excess water to infiltrate the soil. We closely monitor the quality (including bacteriological quality) of our purified water.

We save 30% water, 75% energy and supplement the groundwater with this system. Moreover, we do not additionally burden the existing collector and we avoid new hardening of the soil. We also aim for an educational effect: we make visitors to our holiday park aware of our circular water use and demonstrate to the entire recreational sector how water management can be done differently and better.


Partners Cofrax, Thomas More Kempen, Aché Ligno architecten