CESGO! Forward with CESCOs!

SuReal goes for viable business models that can become 'common practice'

Innovation is most quickly picked up in the construction industry if it allows to offer an equivalent or higher quality for a lower or the same price. And that is exactly what SuReal is aiming for with CESGO!: to investigate how a CESCO can launch a circular building concept at the same - or even ideally a lower - (investment) price compared to traditional building techniques.

CESGO! stands for "CESCO's GO!" and aims to prepare the playing field for CESCOs (Circular Economy Service COmpanies). Many ESCOs (Energy Service COmpanies) already exist today, but there are only a limited number of CESCOs. Most of them are pilot projects, lacking the growth from 'Innovator' to 'Early Adaptor'. With CESGO, SuReal wants to make that step possible by further developing and scaling up business models for CESCO projects.

The CESGO! project therefore focuses on levelling the playing field for CESCOs. SuReal will investigate three areas:
- Economic: in which market segments does a CESCO have a sufficient chance of success? How can a CESCO generate sufficient revenues to cover its costs, taking into account pre-financing, residual value, etc.?
- legal: how can a CESCO offer products 'as-a-service'? What contractual agreements are needed between manufacturer/supplier, contractor, client,... to be able to work with leasing, take-back, etc.?
- technical: what is the environmental impact of products retained in the CESCO concept compared to traditional solutions and are the different demountable materials compatible with each other?

The conclusions from these three sections will be combined into an economically workable CESCO model that is both legally and technically feasible.
This knowledge and tools will then be shared with the private market (manufacturers, contractors, building owners, etc.), with the aim of launching new CESCOs. On the other hand with government agencies, to support the further market roll-out and integration of CESCOs.


Partners UHasselt en Vlaamse Confederatie Bouw (VCB)