Bolides are top-of-the-range cars ready for use at walking distance from users in Ghent and Antwerp. As part of the Bolides community, you can find a car in your area at any time simply by using the app. The longest you have to walk is 5 minutes. Your smartphone doubles as a key to open the car. Done driving? Then park your car in a community, which, if you’re lucky, might be right in front of your door.

A community is an area of the city where forty or so residents have shown an interest in using Bolides. Once that minimum number has been reached, Bolides parks several cars in the area.

Every community has at least one ‘roadie’, a user who keeps an eye on the cars. If there is a problem, simply notify Bolides via the app and the roadie will take action.

Bolides is a fully-fledged pay-per-use system. You only pay as you drive. There are no subscription costs, no registration costs, no fees...