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Benidorm Builders

Modules for a temporary modification to the house

For anyone needing to make a temporary modification to their home, the Benidorm Builders project offers standard modules that can be easily built in and simply removed after use.

These modules can be located inside or outside the home and can be continuously reused. The home retains its value. The user is not the owner of the modules; they are rented.

The project is part of the social economy: an important part of the services will be provided by targeted employees. The intended users will be mostly less affluent people who will not then need to move into an institution. Axxis and Thomas More signed up for product development. The customisation company Kunnig is responsible for producing the panels and assembly of modules, while Pegode will take care of cleaning and maintenance. Axxis (Social Grow Session) also came up with the business model. After further development into installable modules, there will be a presentation round for Public Social Welfare Centres, for example.

Axxis Consultancy

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