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Managing aircraft fleets at the end of their life-cycles

Aerocircular is a full-service provider that supports owners of large fleets in processing aircraft that have reached the end of their working life.

Firstly, the company assists the company’s fleet managers in selecting the aircraft that will go through the phasing-out process.

Aerocircular then disassembles reusable parts and dismantles the non-reusable components of the selected aircraft.

Aerocircular processes the reusable parts in accordance with the standard guidelines from the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). The components are then retained by Aerocircular or transported to a location chosen by the manager/owner. The company also offers a complete recycling procedure for all non-reusable components, which are then up-cycled or recycled with maximum value-retention. When it comes to up-cycling, Aerocircular supplies the components to an external party which specialises in processing this type of article so that they are as valuable as possible when they return to the materials market. Materials that are not suitable for up-cycling will be processed for suitable purposes by external companies, in accordance with standard procedures.